Access Demolition Helps Transform Weis Supermarkets

24 Hour Operation at Weis Supermarkets

On July 31, 2016, Access Demolition & Environmental Services mobilized 150 workers for Weis Supermarkets. Access took on 5 former Mars stores & simultaneously set up protection & cleaned. The Scope included cleaning exposed HVAC duct, bar joists, ceilings & light fixtures while coordinating with multiple trades on site. The workers removed all dust & debris from these areas to give the stores a more environmentally friendly feel for the future. Access workers utilize 5 scissor lifts per store along with baker lifts to reach the 20 foot ceiling joists. This job was originally scheduled for 24 hours, but took place in a 12 hour time period to allow for a rapid turnover and fresh start for Weis in their new locations.

Access Demolition takes on any project no matter the size or budget. Our goal is consistently to be on time or under, maintain client relationship & work site safety. Access can work on your next commercial project, please contact with invitations to bid.

Click below to watch the video capturing the work of all 5 stores.


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