Haussner’s Restaurant – Baltimore, MD

Abatement of hazardous materials and complete demolition of historic 42,000 SF building that was home to the famous Haussner’s Restaurant in Baltimore.

Asbestos Abatement:

  • Project Design
  • Provide permits and notifications for abatement work
  • Set up containment to state & EPA regulation
  • Abate ACM as identified


  • Mobilize manpower & equipment
  • Provide daily reports & equipment logs
  • Provide hydrant tap and permit for dust control
  • Demolish existing apartment buildings, including slabs, footers, and foundation
  • Separate and recycle debris to fullest extent possible
  • Transport all debris generated to approved disposal/recycling facilities
  • Provide certified traffic control for trucks and equipment on and off site
  • Maintain clean site and street.
  • Rough grade for positive runoff