Ellicott City Flood Destroys Town

Ellicott City, Maryland may be known for being a historic, quaint town West of Baltimore, but it has come to be a notorious flood zone. The great flood of 1868, 1952, Hurricane Agnes, & Flood Eloise all led up to the flood of Summer 2016. With its low lying foundation, it is inevitable that intense rains will be damaging the city frequently. Two civilians died in this calamity only a few weeks ago.Countless businesses are completely washed away, from this deadly flash flood. 3,000 pound cars wrecked offices & homes, & mold has begun crawling over everything in sight.

Ellicott City officials are now planning for the future as they begin to rebuild the city. “We know these freak storms are on our calendar in the future,” said Tom Coale, an EC attorney who previously advocated for improved storm water management. “We should be planning and building in response to that reality.”

So how does Ellicott City rebuild in a smarter & more effective way?

For half of the city, it begins with Access Demolition & Environmental Services.

Access mobilized its crews to remove damaged debris & mold throughout Main Street to make way for new, innovative construction.

Access Demolition is removing trees from falling buildings, gutting the interior of buildings filled with creeping mold & endless water damage. All the interiors are filled with mud & trash, but not for long. The reconstruction of this city may take a while to get just right, but Access Demolition is happy to pitch in to help move it along for the civilians of Ellicott City.

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